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Krzysztof Koncewicz, architect, shareholder
Mariusz Olszewski, architect, shareholder
Biuro Projektów ABC was established in 1991 in Swinoujscie
as a civil partnership. Shareholders are two architects:
Krzysztof Koncewicz and Mariusz Olszewski.
All of the shareholders are graduates
of Technical University of Szczecin in Poland.
Biuro Projektów ABC (ABC Design Office) operates mainly in Swinoujscie, but not only...

We cooperate with many specialists in the scope of branches necessary while creating designs for a building. They are:

  • structural engineers,
  • pipe-fitters,
  • gas-fitters,
  • electricians,
  • technologists,
  • cost estimators,
  • experts
  • and others.

    That's why we are able to carry out (and we do) designs for buildings diverse very much in the functional respect.

    From detached house to complex of multifamily residential buildings. From small gas station to hypermarket.

    We also deal with design of landscape and town planning.
    It happens to us to design interior, industrial form, piece of furniture, as well as layout of publication, logo, illuminated advertising, etc.

    In our job we are basing on computer-aided design (CAD).
    Among other things, we are licensed user of computer programs such as AutoCAD Architectural Desktop™ and AccuRender.
    We like to apply newest computer technologies (visualisations, animations, virtual models), to present object being designed in the most complete and friendly way.

    We try to be up-to-date with newest trends in world-wide architecture, design and interior planning.
    Sometimes the conditions require to design building that refers to found, historical context. Another time, modern stylistics is obligatory. Then the shape is being created only by our unbounded imagination and... the wallet of investor.

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